No 17.

No 17 Southend

Numbers 17 and 18 were known in the nineteenth century as Russell Place they are not listed and have no frontage to Southend.
Together with Number 18, 19 and 20, number 17 was owned by the Russell family, Blacksmiths, mainly William Russell (1790-1840) and Henry (1821-1856).

No 17 and 18 are behind No 19 and according to Hannah Russell's will dated 1849 were 'recently constructed'.

From Tithe Map Owned by William Russell* and occupied by Robert Ballard.

1841     Robert Ballard, 35, Builder.

1851     Frederick F Kingdon, 32, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons.

1861     see below.

1871     Hannah Russell, 78, Annuitant.

1881     William Samuel, 24, Clerk (Railway).

1891     Henry Dew, 28, Ironmonger's Assistant.

1901     Edward A Ballard, 28, Builder.

From 1910 Survey   Occupier (Hopkins Miss K crossed out) F Biel, Owner Execrs. of E Russell c/o H Garrood Esq Solrs.

1911     Emmeline Allgood, 73, widow.

* For more on William Russell see No 20.

I cannot sort out the Head of Household in 1861. Transcriptions say it is Hannah Mussell, widow, 68, a Monthly Nurse born in Welland
I can find no such person. It is tempting to think it is Hannah Russell as in 1871, but the birthplace and the profession is wrong

Ex Tilleys.

1903     Pedlingham W. 1 Russell Place.

1906     Lloyd W. A. 1 Russell Place.

1908     Unoccupied.

1910     Hopkins Miss 1 Russell Place.

1912     Unoccupied.

1921     Day F. W. 1 Russell Place.

1939     Henderson Mrs.

1941     Load -.

1942     Lode F.

1947     Lode Miss.

1960     Penwarne H.

2002     Penwarne H.

More Info.

1841 In 1841 Robert Ballard, 35, is in No 17 with his wife, Catherine, 20, and daughter Charlotte 5 months. (Next door in No 18 is his brother Philip Ballard, 40, with his wife Ellen 34. No 17 and 18 were 'recently constructed' according to Hannah Russell's will dated 1849 (see No 19) and it is tempting to think that the two brothers moved into new houses with their new brides.)
Robert married Catherine Marie Pedlingham, 1820-1900, in 1839 in Worcester (District) and they had Robert in 1839, Charlotte in 1841, Catherine Maria in 1842, Philip in 1845, John Spencer in 1856, Elizabeth in 1859 and Edith Augusta in 1864. They were living in the Southend when Philip was born in 1845 and in Bye Street when John Spencer was born in 1856, suggesting they moved between those dates.
Robert retired in 1855, an announcement in the Hereford Times of May 2nd 1855 advertises the sale of his 'Dwelling House, Timber Yard, Carpenters and Joiner shops, Sawpit house, Ware and store Houses, Stable and gig house, Counting House and Ironmongery Room and premises now in his occupation, situate in the Bye Street, Ledbury.' A Footnote Says:
ROBERT BALLARD. On retiring from his trade as a Builder, Timber and Slate Merchant, begs to return his thanks to his friends for the support and patronage he has received and to inform them that he will carry on the manufacture of Bricks, Culverts and Draining tiles and Draining pipes at his Yard in New Street Ledbury.

Robert died in 1878.

Life in the Southend was not without its hazards as this item in the Hereford Times of October 17h 1840 records:
On Tuesday the 8th instant as Mr Robert Ballard, builder, and Mr William Barker, schoolmaster, were standing conversing together in the Southend street, they had a narrow escape of being killed by a bullet, which was fired at a deer, in the park of John Biddulph Esq. which adjoins the street. The ball crossed the street, passing between the above named gentlemen, and within two inches of the head of the former, striking a house on the opposite side of the street with tremendous force, from which it rebounded back to the Park wall, rebounding from thence to the middle of the road, where it was afterwards picked up.

1851 Frederick Francis Kingdon is in Ledbury before 1847. He married Emma Mary Sandford in Winchcombe on 28th October 1848.
His early death is reported in The Hereford Times 22nd November 1851:
‘ 16, in Southend street, Ledbury, Mr Frederick Francis Kingdon, surgeon to the Ledbury Poor Law Union’.
Emma is in Islington in 1861

1871 For more on Hannah Russell see No 19.

1881 William Samuel. Age 24 From Carmarthenshire with his wife Rebecca 23 also from Carmarthen.

1891 Henry Dew 28 from Ledbury. Third child and second son of Thomas Dew and his wife Caroline nee Browning. Thomas was a master carpenter in Union Street in 1871 and in the Homend in 1881.

1901 Edward Ballard.
Edward, of course, was a relative of the Robert here in 1841. This is not the place to fully discuss the Ballard family dynasty but as we have Robert and Philip in 1841 and now Edward and another Robert here in 1901, here is a summary.

Philip Ballard, 1771-1842, married Charlotte Bayliss 1767-1846 in Ledbury. They lived mainly in Malvern and had:

Thomas Ballard 1796-1853
Anne Ballard 1798-1882
Philip Ballard 1800-1887 In No 18 in 1841
Robert Ballard 1802-1878 In No 17 in 1841
Stephen Ballard 1804-1890
Edward Ballard 1806-1806
Charlotte Ballard 1807-1824
Elizabeth Maria Ballard 1810-1870

All the sons became well known business people in Ledbury. Philip and Robert are found here in No 17, Stephen needs no introducing being well known in the construction of the canal through Ledbury. Thomas is perhaps less well known although a competent artist.
He married Ann Edy in Ledbury on 28th October 1835. They had:

Thomas in 1836 in Church Lane
Charlotte in 1838 in Church Lane
John Edy in 1841 in Homend
Robert Henry in 1844 in Homend
Clarence Ann in 1847 in Homend
Father's Occupation always described as Artist.
Thomas died in 1853.

Robert Henry married Mary Brewer in Dec 1871 in Martley They had:

Edward Arthur in 1873 in Martley In No 17 in 1901
William Henry in 1875 in Bye Street.
Robert John in 1877 in New Street In No 18 in 1901.
Timothy Spencer in 1879 in New Street
Philip Thomas in 1881 in New Street
Father's occupation always given as Tanner
Robert died in Ledbury in 1932

Edward Arthur married Lizzie Florence Lea in Gloucester in 1896.
They had Arthur Edward Thomas in Gloucester in 1896 and this is the family in No 17 in 1901. He is a builder as was Robert in the same house in 1841.
They later had Edith May in Ledbury in 1903 and Gertrude Phyllis in 1909 in Gloucester where they are in 1911 in Reservoir Road.

1911 For more on Emmeline Allgood see No 4

1926 Electoral Register

Day Frederick William.
Day Thurza.
Day Cecil Bartram.
Day Frederick William.