No 18.

Tithe Map Plot No 271.


Numbers 17 and 18 were known in the nineteenth century as Russell Place they are not listed and have no frontage to Southend.

Together with Number 17, 19 and 20, number 18 was owned by the Russell family, Blacksmiths, mainly William Russell (1790-1840) and Henry (1821-1856).

No 17 and 18 are behind No 19 and according to Hannah Russell's will dated 1849 were 'recently constructed'.

From Tithe Map Owned by William Russell* and occupied by Philip Ballard.

1841     Philip Ballard 40, Engineer.

1851     Francis Philip Godfrey, 43, Master of Grammar School.

1861     Benjamin Bosley 51, Drapers Assistant.

1871     Unoccupied.

1881     Unoccupied.

1891     William Hampton 74, Living on own means.

1901     Robert Ballard 24 Builder and Carpenter.

From 1910 Survey   Occupier (W Hodges crossed out) Miss Allgood. Owner Execrs. of E Russell c/o H Garrood Esq Solrs.

1911     Frederick Biel 36, Barber.

* For more on William Russell see No 20.

Ex Tilleys.

1903     Walker J. E. Surveyor to Ledbury Urb. District Council. 2 Russell Place

1904     Brown A.W. 2 Russell Place.

1905     Maskell W.G. 2 Russell Place.

1908     Unoccupied.

1910     Hodges Mrs. 2 Russell Place

1911     Unoccupied.

1912     Miss Allgood. 2 Russell Place

1921     Parker W.A. 2 Russell Place.

1934     Cowley W.J. 2 Russell Place.

1951     Unoccupied.

1952     Pedlingham A.

1955     Meakins T.L.

1978     Unoccupied.

1989     Osborne A.

1992     Underwood B.

1995     McKechnie M.

2002     McKechnie M.

More Info.

1841 Philip Ballard, 40, Engineer, married Ellen Luckock in Madeley Shropshire in 1830. They had no children.
In Widemarsh St Hereford in 1851 still an engineer he moved to The Knoll, Tuspsley, by 1861 where he is described as 'Clerk and Manager to H & G Canal. In 1871 he is ‘Local manager of H&G Canal & Engineer & Landowner’. With the canal‘s trade declining he is simply ‘Clerk to Canal Co’ in 1881.
He died on Oct 24th 1887 in sad circumstances.
The notorious Tupsley Murder: James Jones & Alfie Scandrett broke into & ransacked the house taking jewellery etc. They also broke into Mr Ballard‘s bedroom and dealt him several blows to the head with a hatchet. They were hanged on March 20th 1888.
The trial was widely reported except in the Herefordshire papers!

1851 Francis Philip Godfrey, 43, Master of Grammar School, is here with his wife, Sarah and daughter Fanny Sarah, 10, born in Byfleet Essex.
From the deaths column in the Hereford Journal May 11th 1853.
April 28, at Camberwell, after a long and severe illness, Sarah, wife of Mr F.P. Godfrey, late master of Ledbury Grammar School.

And a Francis Philip Godfrey died in Holborn District in 1873 aged 62. This is probably him.


Benjamin Bosley was born September 4th 1809 in Ledbury in 1809.
Already a draper in business in the Homend he married Henrietta Buzaglo on June 4th 1840. Henrietta was born in 1806 in Manchester but is in Ledbury before 1831 with her brother John and sisters Ann and Louisa, .
They had:
Sarah Ann in 1841.
Henrietta Louisa in 1842. She died in 1844.
Henrietta in 1845. he died in 1856.
Thomas George in 1847. He died in 1848.
They are still in the Homend in 1851 with Sarah Ann and Henrietta junior but as shown she died in 1856.
Perhaps semi retired, Benjamin, now a Drapers Assistant, Henrietta and Sarah Ann are in No 18 in 1861. The Electoral Register of 1861 shows he still owns the premises in the Homend.
They all moved to No 27 by 1871, for more see No 27.

1891 For more on William Hampton see No 1.

1901 Robert Ballard married Georgina Howells in 1900. Robert and his wife emigrated to Canada in 1901. For Robert's predecessors see No 17.

1911 Frederick Biel. From Switzerland, married to Margaretta Geraghty from Ireland and bringing an international touch to the Southend as an itinerant Swiss barber with an Irish wife!
With two children born in Ireland and two in Coventry he had Mary Ellen Elena in Ledbury in 1910 so deserves a mention here.
He was not here long.

1912 For more on Miss Allgood see No 4.

1926 Electoral Register     Parker Ada, Parker William Augusta.

1939 The 1939 register shows William J Cowley DoB 2nd July 1895, single, a Cooper, in No 18.