No 21.

No 20, just to the right of this picture, has been shown to be the main base of the Russell family, blacksmiths in 1841.

It is hard to imagine a blacksmiths shop was behind No 20 without a front access.
How did the horses and heavy goods get to the workshop?
It is my firm belief that No 21 did not exist in 1841, it was the blacksmiths yard, the existing house is an 1840/50s infill.
Studying both the Tithe map and the 1841 census leaves a property missing between Russell (20) and Kings (22) and I believe this is the explanation. With concrete or stone lintels the house looks different to the rest.

1851      Mary Williams, 47.

1861     John Tyler, 49, Carpenter.

1871     Thomas Llewellyn, 35, Coal Agent.

1881     Undetermined.

1891     John Lamb, 45, Photographer.

1901     James Chadd, 67, Retired Postman.

From 1910 Survey Occupier James Chadd. Owner Execrs. of E Russell c/o H Garrood Esq Solrs.

1911     Emma Chadd, 49, Widow.

Ex Tilley's

1903     Chadd J.

1911     Chadd Mrs.

1921     Pedlingham W.

1934     Parker W.

1939     Barnes F

1941     Lippett F.

1954     Unoccupied.

1955     Pedlingham S.T.

1956     Unoccupied

1957     Thorne E.G.& Co.

1967     Thorne E.G.& Co. Accountants.

1995     Ledbury Dental Care.

2002     Ledbury Dental Care.

More Info.

1851 For more on Mary Williams see No 20 1861 notes.

1861 John Tyler b 1812 married Harriett Weobley in Ledbury in 1837. They are in New Street in 1841, Back lane in 1851, no children. He died in 1869.

1871 Thomas Llewellyn was only in Ledbury briefly.
Born in 1836 in Dilwyn. He married Martha Maria Hughes, also from Dilwyn, in 1857.
They had Isabella Maria in Leominster in 1859.
George Henry in Weobley in 1860, (he died in 1870)
Amy Gertrude in Weobley in 1863, (she died in 1865).
Thomas Bernard in Weobly in 1865, (he died in Ledbury in 1870).
Gordon Grahame in Weobley in 1867.
Ernest Victor in Ludlow in 1869.
Tom Beresford in Ludlow in 1874.

1891 John Lamb b 1846 in Bewdley. He married Ina Fieldhouse in Wem (Shropshire) in 1878. They had:
Gertrude Isabelle Ina in Stone (Staffs) in 1880 (died the same year), Nora Lilian Ina in Clun in 1881, Marion Gladys in Uttoxeter in 1885, Cyril Herbert in Uttoxeter in 1887, Harold Roy in Droitwich in 1888, Ivy Blanche in Market Drayton in 1892, Died in Stoke on Trent in 1905.
Pity he didn't take pictures in Ledbury that survive!

1901 James Chadd, born 1834, the first of 9 children to Thomas, and Mary of Bradlow married Emma Bosley in Droitwich in 1877, he was 43. Emma's birth was registered in 1862 in Ledbury (Fathers name George, mother Mary Ann Fawke), so she was only 15.

This was legal at the time with the parents permission. I would imagine they didn't have this and ran away to Droitwich, to marry anyway.

He became a rural postman in Ledbury as did his brother Benjamin (b 1849) in fact it could be said that postal communication in Ledbury would have been severely handicapped without the efforts of the Chadds.
The marriage was, to say the least, successful: they had 16 children of which 14 survived to adulthood.

In this list the second date in brackets is the baptism date, sometimes a group baptism. All events in Ledbury.

James was born in 1878, (1882).
Henry in 1879, (1882).
George in 1881, (1882).
Benjamin in 1882, (1882).
Thomas in 1883, (1883)
Bertha Ann in 1884, (1896),
John Ethelbert 1886, (1886). Died 1886.
Edith Alice in 1887, (1896).
Walter Clifford in 1890, (1899).
Ernest Charles in 1892, (1892).
Arthur Edward in 1894, (1901).
Francis Harold in 1896, (1896).
Robert Cyril in 1898, (1901).
Cecil Claude in 1899 (1899), died 1901.
Albert Clement in 1901 (1901).
Phyllis Irene in 1905 (1905).

The addresses given for the children at baptism is ‘Happy Land’ before 1896 and the Southend after that date.

James died in the Southend in 1910 after which Emma moved to 63 Albert Road where she died in 1927.

Their first son, James, joined the Army on March 16th 1898 and died of Enteric Fever June 3rd 1901. Not killed in a war so he is not on the memorial, just as sad for his parents though.

Henry married Florence Wall in Birmingham in 1905. In 1911 he is in West Bromwich with a son Cyril Francis, Henry's brother Arthur Edward is also with them.

George. Nothing found.

Benjamin served in the Royal Navy, awarded the Messina medal in 1908, in 1911 his occupation is shown as Royal Fleet Reserve.
He married Fanny Louisa Stephens in Ledbury in 1913 and they settled in Freeman’s Cottage Wellington Heath. Called back into the Navy he served on the ill fated HMS Good Hope which was sunk with all hands lost by the cruisers 'Scharnhorst' and 'Gneisenau' off the coast of Chile on 1st November 1914.

Thomas married Gertrude Minnie Baylis in Ledbury in 1905. Groom’s Occupation given as Postman.
In 1911 he is in West Malvern, as a postman, with Gertrude, Sidney James 5 and Cecily Maud 2.
In Victoria Road in 1925. Gertrude died in Cleobury Mortimer in 1930, Thomas in Bromyard in 1957.

Chadd War Memorial
A section of Ledbury
War memorial
Bertha Ann of 63 Albert Road Ledbury left London for New York on Dec 2nd 1922. She must have returned before 1939 as in that year she is a Housekeeper in London. She died in Malvern in 1979.

Edith Alice was a servant in Bromsgrove in 1911. She married Albert Spiers in 1915 in Bromsgrove and they had Dora E M in that year.

Walter Clifford living in 63 Albert Road, when he signed up in the Herefordshire Regiment in 1914. Rising to Sergeant he was killed in Egypt in November 1917.

Ernest Charles married Emily Beatrice Hardman in Hereford in 1915. They had Irene M in 1916, Ernest C in 1920 and Denis C in 1926. He died in Hereford in 1945.

Arthur Edward joined the army in May 1916. His address at the time was 76 Rookery Road Handsworth (see Henry above) although his permanent address (next of kin Mother Emma) is given as 63 Albert Road. Rising to Sergeant, discharged in 1919. Married Florence Evans in 1925 they had Irene B in 1928. In Birmingham as a glass cutter in 1939. He died in c1954.

Francis Harold married Dorothy Harper in Monmouth in 1922, they had Olive M in 1923. In ‘West Dean’ in 1939 as a Sorting Clerk and Telegraphist. He died in 1968.

Robert Cyril joined the Navy as a telegraphist, served on HMS ‘Pelorus’, was killed in 1918 buried in Greece.

Albert Clement married Blanche Baggott in Ledbury in 1926. They had Francis C. in 1928 in Ledbury. Albert E. in 1930 in Ledbury and Anthony C. in 1931 in Ledbury.
In the ‘Barrett Browning Institute’ in 1928, presumably a custodian, and in 75 Albert Road in 1930.
In 1939 the family are in 15 Steam Mills in the Forest of Dean where Albert is a Postman Driver. Blanche died in the Forest of Dean in 1974, Albert died in Cheltenham in 1986.

Phyllis Irene married Archibald Benjamin Barnett (Father a Coal Merchant in the Homend) in 1927 in Ledbury. They had John B. in 1930 in Ledbury, Benjamin J. in 1931 in Ledbury and Philip C. in 1935 in Ledbury.
They are in Union Lane Ledbury in 1939, Archibald is a Warehouseman in the Jam Factory. He died in Ledbury in 1970, Phyllis died in Bristol in 1977.

1921 The W Pedlingham here is William with his wife Annie Louisa.